keemiyo 2010

José Romay  “Keemiyo”

 Keemiyo´s music is atmospheric Chill Out, Psy Chill, Downtempo and Progressive Psy Trance.

Music with soul, made from the heart, high quality tracks and mystical vibes. Beautiful harmonies with fat baselines, dreamy atmospheres and psychedelic sinth lines, always finding a balance of magic and harmonies when creating his compositions, trying to go further to throw your mind over a new dimensional scape.
Some tracks produced in collaboration with various artists like Alchemix, Psycho_Abstract, Lab´s Cloud or Quantica.
Psychedelic Chillout and Progressive Trance producer since 2002, he has played in many parties and festivals around Spain like Tunkashila Gathering, Sun Rite Festival or Transition Festival… to name a few, and also in big festivals like Summer Never Ends Festival in Switzerland…
Released tracks, Eps and Albums on labels like: Altar Records, Nutek Chill Records, Ovnimoon Records, Flying Spores Records, Power House Records, EDM Records, Psy Love Records, Fresh Frequencies Records, Alfaomega Editorial and AIAM Project Records.

Released Albums
– “A Mystical Journey” – Altar Records – 2016 – Psy Chill, Down tempo
– ” Imagination” – Power House Records – 2013 – Progressive Trance
– ”Dancing Chakras” – Alfaomega/Psy Love Records – 2011 – Dancing Meditation music
– ”Sonogram” – A.I.A.M.Project Records – 2010 – Progressive Trance
– ”Mindless” – A.I.A.M.Project Records – 2008 – Chill out
– ”From here to now” – Stonetone Music Productions – 2005 – Progressive Trance

Released Eps
– ”Full Moon Beats  part 1” – Flying Spores Records – 2012 – Progressive Trance
– ”Wild Flowers” – A.I.A.M.Project Records – 2012 – Chill out
– ”Joy” – Psy Love Records – 2010 – Progressive Trance
– ”Feelings” – A.I.A.M.Project Records – 2010- Progressive Trance & Chill out

Released tracks
“Fairy Tales Vol 3” OM Mantra Records 2017
“VA Panorama”  BMSS Records 2016
“VA Essentials Vol.3” Nutek Chill Records 2016
“Organic Beats Vol.4” Altar Records 2015
“Organic Beats Vol.3” Altar Records 2015
“Top 40 Ambient Tracks Vol 2” Altar Records 2014
“Top 40 Ambient Tracks” Altar Records 2014
“Imminent Awakening” by LAB’S CLOUD Altar Records 2014
“VA PROGRESSIVE GOA VOL.3” Power House Records 2014
“Progressive Goa Trance Vol 2” Fresh Frequencies Records 2014
“Light FX” Flying Spores Records 2014
“Destination Goa Vol 1” EDM Records 2014
“Progressive Goa Hits 2014, Vol. 2” EDM Records 2014
“Psychedelic Progressive Trance Hits” 2014
“Top 30 Progressive Goa Psytrance Hits v2” 2014
“EDM Progressive House & Trance v.2” 2014
“Progressive Trance 2014-Top Best” EDM Records
“Flight Of Mind” EDM Records 2013
“Hard Dance Masters” EDM Records 2013
“Progressive Goa Psy Trance Masters” EDM Records 2013
“Mundo Progresivo” Ovnimoon Records 2013
“Progressive Euphoria Volume 2” Power House Records 2013
“Psy Trance Treasures” EDM Records 2013
“Progressive Goa Hits 2013, Vol. 1” EDM Records
“Progressive Trance Xpeditions, Vol. 1” EDM Records 2013
“Flying Spores Vol 1″  Flying Spores Records 2012
“Organic Mathematics” by Lab’s Cloud Altar Records 2011
“El_llamado_de_Quetzalcoatl” Kesuene Records 2009
“Independance” Aiamproject Records 2008